21 July

The program, which has no analogues in Ukraine, will start on October 1 with the involvement of the best experts from Ukraine, Great Britain and the United States. Each participant will receive a handbook with answers to legal questions in the field of art business.
Thanks for the support
Ukrainian Cultural Foundation
training on the program will be FREE and will take place online!
Don't miss your chance to learn:
☑️ Where are the boundaries of the intersection of artistic appropriation and copyright in contemporary art
☑️ How the art market develops and the relations between its participants take place.
☑️ What organizational and legal issues arise in the process of selling works of art and ways to solve them.
☑️ About international transactions and due diligence of art objects in the art market
☑️ On contracts for the creation and use of works. Agreements for the transfer of exclusive rights to already created content and agreements on collaborations
☑️ What are cultural values and how are they transported across the customs border.
☑️ How museums function and museum exhibits are used.
☑️ About digital art and new forms of creativity such as AR, VR and artificial intelligence.
☑️ On monetization in art, estimation, provenance, evaluation and capitalization of works.
And many, many useful things about the art business.
For whom? Representatives of the art industry, namely freelance artists who have their own projects in the creative industries, and startups that have their own creative business and seek to increase their competitiveness in the creative industries market; cultural operators (art managers, curators, dealers, gallery owners, auctioneers and other professional market participants); representatives of cultural institutions.
What you need?
✅ Fill in the questionnaire and leave your question for our experts.
✅ Fill in the motivational part of the questionnaire with the answer to the question why you would like to enter the program.
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According to your applications, we will select 50 participants of the program "Art Law & Business Studios"!