About us

We have gone beyond the templates, setting trends in education, and educating professionals who are ready to compete in a rapidly changing world.

  • ILTI is a strong alliance of academia and business from Ukraine and the United States, in which law and technology for the development of industries have united. The content of the programs is compiled on the basis of real market requests. We solve the problems of classical education, which does not take into account modern specialization, which leads to a lack of understanding of business needs and low consulting efficiency.
  • In our team, each partner is responsible for the development of the project, adding to it their expertise and expertise.
  • Olga Simson, Professor of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University,  Ph.D, initiator of the ILTI project and is responsible for drafting and filling out curricula, ILTI-School and ILTI-Research projects.
  • Charles Whitehead, Professor at Cornell tech, founder of the Fenix Venture Fund, specializes in supporting and investing in technology projects and start-ups, is responsible for the relevance of programs and compliance with their international context through the involvement of experts from the United States.
  • ILTI-School conducts programs in Kharkov, participants from other regions can undergo distance learning. The project was launched two years ago on the basis of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University in partnership with Kharkiv IT cluster and the Ukrainian Bar Association.
  • After graduation, we help graduates find a job and sign a contract in the industry, and companies find specialized professionals. In addition to education, our team is engaged in industry and interbranch scientific research, as well as industrial legal consulting.
Steve Jobs

Only an alliance of technologies with art and humanitarian knowledge brings results and makes our hearts sing

Steve Jobs
History of ILTI
Summer school on IT law and security
fourth graduation from the IT law program, second graduation from the IT security program and the first graduation from the Entrepreneurship and law in High-tech
first graduation from the IT law program
third graduation from the IT law program
the second year of the IT law program, start of new educational project of IT security and Entrepreneurship and law in High-tech
signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the UBA for future common сertification
establishment of the ILTI (Institute of Law, Technology and Innovation)
thanks to the program, two students receive a scholarship to study at the Cornell University School of Law
second year of the IT law program
the first graduation from of the program and signing of a memorandum with the Kharkiv IT- cluster
Charles Whitehead announces the launch of a parallel LLM Degree in Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship at Cornell Tech
start of the IT law programme at the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University
professor of the Cornell law school Сharles Whitehead joins the project
first announcement of the start of the IT-law program and creation of it’s Facebook page
Why we
We maintain close ties with universities and business by conducting joint certification
We develop educational programs based on the real needs of employers
We are forming a database of experts able to provide services at the international level
We conduct training using modern technologies of informal and personalized training
We implement the best world practices through the participation of leading foreign companies
We train specialists focused on growing sectors of the economy