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About the project
About the project

”Creative Law Studios. Intellectual Property Law for creative industries” is carried out by the Institute of Law, Technology and Innovation with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Mission of the Project is to change the mental prejudice of creative and cultural operators that "the artist should be hungry", achieve respect for the results of creative activity, dispose of the legal nihilism, plagiarism and piracy in the professional community.

Lawyers should help to pursue the freedom of creativity, not to limit it. We strive to open the eyes of creators to certain things, to teach them how to perceive violations of rights differently, without destroying their outlook.

For whom
For whom
  • freelance creators (artists, photographers, cameramen, architects, designers, copywriters) who will be able to use and evaluate the results of their creativity, their intellectual product more effectively;
  • cultural operators (art managers, curators, dealers, mediators) and cultural institutions that will enhance their competencies and will be able to build relationships in the creative industries market in a conscious and civil way;
  • creative associations and groups that will be able to represent the interests of a particular group of artists and the creative community more effectively and professionally;
  • students of specialized educational institutions who will receive basic knowledge in the field of intellectual property, which will affect their mental attitude to plagiarism in art. Eventually, they will be able to separate cases of plagiarism and legitimate derivation.
Statistics on the industry
contribution of creative industries to GDP
growth of creative industries in Ukraine
use of unlicensed software on computers
video content (TV series, TV shows, movies) among pirated downloads
Olga Simson

Stealing of other people's works is a real pain for me, which is why we decided to raise the issue of intellectual property protection among creatives. Thanks to the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation it became possible!

Olga Simson
Olga Simson, PhD in Law, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Head and Chief Expert of the Project, СЕО ILTI
Program formats
For creative industries

Applications for

"Creative Law Studios.

Intellectual Property Law"

are accepted until the 1st of October!

Description of formats
Intellectual Property Law for creative industries


Lecture 1 “The value of Intellectual Property for creative industries”.

Lecture 2 “Protection of the person's image rights”.

Lecture 3 “Copyright in Contemporary Art”.

Lecture 4: The Digital Era: Basic Approaches to the Intellectual Property Protection.

Lecture 5 “Protection of trademarks, images and image rights”.

Lecture 6 “Using the Brand in the Promotion of Creative Business”.

Lecture 7 “Evaluation and monetization of the project using Intellectual Property”.

Lecture 8 “Taxation in Creative Industries, Taxation of Intellectual Property Transactions”.

Lecture 9 “Copyright License Agreement”.

Lecture 10 “Inheritance of Copyright”.


Practical trainings:

Training 1 “How an Artist should build a Business using Intellectual Property?”.

Training 2 “Basic Intellectual Property Issues in Photographers and Models work”.

Training 3 "Collaborations and Cooperation in the Fashion World: How to strike a balance in the distribution of Intellectual Property rights".

The project team
Sergey Glotov
Sergey Glotov
The lecturer of the legal block, the lawyer, the senior scientific employee of the Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the NAPR of Ukraine, the head of the laboratory of problems of copyright and innovations in digital markets, M. Planck of Intellectual Property, Competitive and Tax Law, Munich, Germany
Tatyana Dudenko
Tatyana Dudenko
Advocate, Adviser to the Director of the Municipal Enterprise "City Information Center" on issues of commercial development and innovation
Olga Kulinich
Olga Kulinich
Expert and curator of the project, Doctor of Law, teacher-volunteer of the project "Portal of creative ideas" of educational space "School of Superheroes" at the NMSL "Ohmatdit".
Konstantin Zerov
Konstantin Zerov
Involved expert and lecturer of the project, Candidate of Law, IP Lawyer, co-founder of NGO "Club of Intellectual Property".
Maksim Popov
Maksim Popov
Engaged expert and lecturer, fashion lawyer, founder and owner of Fashion Law Telegram-channel.
Anna Prokhorova
Anna Prokhorova
Project Lecturer involved, Senior Associate at AEQUO Law Firm, Lawyer, Artist, Graduate of the Art Law Sotheby's Institute of Art.
Illarion Tomarov
Illarion Tomarov
Invited Project Lecturer, Head of IP Practice Vasil Kisil & Partners, Founder of Legal Shift's Intellectual Property Web Portal.
Dmitriy Gritskiy
Dmitriy Gritskiy
Engaged lecturer, co-founder and CEO of Boomerang Branding Agency, with over 15 years of experience in the advertising and media business.
Dmitriy Babaev
Dmitriy Babaev
Hired Project Lecturer, Corporate Finance Specialist, Founder and CFO at Coporate Consulting.
Anna Lapitskaya
Anna Lapitskaya
Project Team Member, Tax Specialist, CFO at Magecom IT Company.
Olga Simson
Olga Simson
Leader and Chief Project Expert, Doctor of Laws, Professor, Co-Founder and Director of ILTI, author of “Innovative and Creative Law: The Right to Knowledge and Creativity”
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Creative Law Studios handbook