Legal & Business English
Why us?
Why us?

We are constantly employing our graduates in leading companies and industries, and the first thing employers ask us is the level of English.

80% of IT companies in the region work with foreign customers under English-language contracts. That's why we decided to add business and legal English courses to our core programs.

To do this, we have attracted certified specialists and examiners Cambridge Legal Assessment with many years of experience, using modern European teaching methods and really relevant materials.

We pay special attention to spoken English, which you can practice at our Speaking Club.

For whom?
For whom?
  • Experienced lawyers who work with foreign clients, investors and partners;
  • Lawyers seeking to enter the international market;
  • Students who want to study abroad and improve their CV;
  • Teachers who need confirmation of the level of English.
You will receive:
You will receive:
  • skills of applying professional vocabulary in practice, business correspondence,
  • work with different types of legal texts - legislation, court decisions, etc.,
  • structuring contracts on real examples,
  • negotiating, advising clients, holding meetings, conferences and presentations through active communication at the Speaking Club.
Program formats
Legal English

The goal is to achieve a qualitative breakthrough in professional English using Cambridge methods, to pump communication skills in the Speaking Club.

Business English

Мета - підвищити свій рівень володіння англійської, щоб досягати поставлених цілей в бізнесі та виходити на нові ринки.

Preparation for…

Мета - підготуватися до іспиту FCE та отримати міжнародний сертифікат на рівні В2, С1.

Description of formats
Legal English

Includes two main modules:

  • Сorporate law;
  • Contract law

+ 3 modules to choose from:

  • IP Law;
  • IT & FinTech;
  • Commercial Law;
  • Property Law (Real Estate);
  • Financial Law;
  • Competition Law;
  • Labor law;
  • Family Law.

+ Speaking club, during which students will be able to pump the skills of communication and argumentation in professional discussions, on the topics:

  • Contract and Сorporate law;
  • Financial Law;
  • IT and FinTech;
  • IP and Startups.

The classes use authentic materials developed by Cambridge University methodologists and legal linguists.

Classes are held 2 times a week for 90 minutes.

The cost is UAH 6,000. for three months.

Business English

Business English is a course in business English, which includes 14 main topics, as well as the opportunity to choose additional ones for your field of activity:

  • Business Communication;
  • Business Meetings;
  • Business Negotiations;
  • Business Presentations;
  • Time Management;
  • Team building;
  • Job Interviews;
  • Management;
  • Company Culture;
  • Business Strategies;
  • Competition;
  • Innovation;
  • Business in different cultures.

+ Training in the format of the Cambridge wind exam (Business English Certificate).

After the course you will be able to pass the exam at the B1-B2 level in the Cambridge English Language Assessment examination center with our partners - Boyko Author's School.

What gives a BEC certificate?

For professionals: entering the international market, recognition of companies in different countries, significant improvement of communication with foreign partners, employment advantage / opportunities for improvement.

For students: access to academic mobility programs, advantage in internships and / or employment, readiness for English language exams at the university, development of necessary soft skills.

For teachers: indefinite confirmation of your qualifications, compliance with the requirements of higher education institutions, the opportunity to speak at international conferences, the development of skills in writing articles and lectures in English.

The course covers 4 aspects of training:

  • Speaking - conducting business negotiations, interviews, meetings, presentations, briefings, press conferences;
  • Reading - reading books, articles and reports on business topics;
  • Writing - drafting business correspondence, memoranda, offers, letters of motivation, resumes and CVs;
  • Listening - listening to business lectures and presentations, dialogues between the partner and the investor, the customer and the executor, discussions.

Classes are held 2 times a week for 90 minutes.

The cost is 8000 hryvnias. for three months.

Anna Borozdina
Anna Borozdina
A Legal English teacher, a Cambridge Certified Examiner, has CELTA and DELTA qualifications and a Master's degree in English Language Teaching from Cambridge.
Anna Tikhonenko
Anna Tikhonenko
The Business English teacher, a certified Cambridge English Assessment examiner, has CELTA and DELTA qualifications and an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in Cambridge.
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