IT - Security
Our program
Our program

The program introduces the methods of information protection of privacy, professional practice and the company's activities from cyberthreats

The IT security program has no analogues in Ukraine. We managed to collect unique experts who teach the skills of information protection in professional legal practice, work with personnel, economic and financial activity of the company in an accessible form on the program. Experts of the program will teach you how to work safely with the mail and various applications that provide communication and communication. You will stop being afraid of information leakage, communication with controlling bodies and cyberattacks. Our lecturers-practitioners with many years of experience in IT security will provide you with the experience of competitive intelligence and building a security system of the company on specific examples.

Target audience:
Target audience:

Modern lawyers who work with large volumes of client information;

Employees of financial, personnel departments of corporations, security services at enterprises;

Students and young professionals who want to master a new direction - forensic;

To everyone who wants to feel safe in the modern information space.

Statistics on the industry
of GDP: damage from Petya virus
private companies suffered from cyber attacks
accounts in social networks were hacked
from the total number of cybercrime - fraud with bank cards
Program formats

The program introduces the information security system in the state, cybercrime and methods of their investigation, as well as a new direction - forensic / digital forensics. Also, you will get acquainted with the methodology for collecting digital evidence and submitting them to the court, information security in relations with regulatory bodies, the company's economic and personnel security, competitive intelligence methods, ways to protect commercial secrets, confidential information and personal data in networks.

Description of formats


  • Information security in the national security system
  • Cybercrime and digital forensics (forensic)
  • Information security in relations with regulatory authorities
  • Economic security and competitive intelligence
  • Human Security
  • Protection of personal data on the Internet
  • Trade secrets and confidential information
  • Electronic court and application of electronic evidence in court

On the program you will obtain:

  • Lectures from the best professional of Ukraine
  • Skills of work with special software: True Crypt, Linux, Thunderbird, Cleaner, etc.
  • Ready-made information security policy of the company
  • Means of protection of personal data, communication and personal correspondence
  • Ability to work with electronic evidence
  • Possibility of internship according to the specialization

Price: 6500 UAH

For students: 3500 UAH


Clients of the UBA and representatives of the Kharkiv IT Cluster, - a discount of 10% is granted;
For graduates of other certified programs of the ILTI school of previous years - 10%; With the simultaneous training on the programs "IT-law" and "IT-security" discount for the second program in 20% is provided;
For students and graduates of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, students, postgraduates of other legal universities of Ukraine - 10%.
For corporate clients - simultaneous training of several employees of the same company, institution: • Two employees - 10%; • Three employees and more - 20%

Alexander Poty
Alexander Poty
Ph.D., professor, colonel, deputy chief designer of JSC "Institute of Information Technologies"
Olga Simson
Olga Simson
The head of the program, lecturer, doctor of law, professor at the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, partner of IT and IP practices Law Offices of OMP
Vitaly Balashev
Vitaly Balashev
ex-head of the Laboratory of Digital Forensic Science in the Kharkov Institute of Forensic Expertise. Bocarius, National expert of the OSCE in the field of digital forensics
Maxim Kobrin
Maxim Kobrin
lawyer, partner of the law firm Kobrin & Partners, specializing in comprehensive business security protection
Sergey Vovk
Sergey Vovk
The partner of Kobrin & Partners Law Firm, specializing in complex business security protection
Alexey Bryntsev
Alexey Bryntsev
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the Economic Court of the Kharkov Region
Elena Sibileva
Elena Sibileva
Alexander Radutny
Alexander Radutny
Lawyer, Phd. in the field of law, an associate professor of the Department of Criminal Law in NSW. Yaroslav the Wise.
Artem Donets
Artem Donets
Managing partner of Donets & Partners Law Firm, lawyer.
Kharkov IT Сluster
Kharkov IT Сluster
Ukrainian Bar Association
Ukrainian Bar Association
"Donets & Partners" Law Firm
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