IT Law. Start of new set of 2018 [waiting for translation]
IT Law. Start of new set of 2018 [waiting for translation]
16 February

We start the suite for the ITTI-Law right from the ILTI school in the spring semester.

Beginning of classes already 03.03.2018!

IT Law is the first Ukrainian-American training program in Ukraine that emerged at the junction of two branches of knowledge - law and information technology and trains specialists for quality legal support of Ukrainian IT business, which is now dynamically developing.

Today, the legal services market is in constant development, and competing on it is becoming more and more difficult without having unique knowledge and benefits. That is why this year we continue to strengthen the practical component. As part of the program, students will have the opportunity to view practical cases and gain the real skills needed to work in the IT field from representatives of the best law firms and IT companies in Kharkiv and Kiev.

Format and training program
Training for 3 months, three times a week in basic and in-depth formats in full-time or distance form.

Basic format - designed for students and anyone who wants to get acquainted with the peculiarities of work in the IT industry:
This format includes 7 courses:

  • Introduction to IT law
  • Basics of ICT;
  • Structuring IT business;
  • Organization of software development;
  • IT contracts;
  • Intellectual Property Rights in IT;
  • Electronic government and electronic services.

In-depth format - designed for those who are already working in the IT industry and want to improve their own knowledge.

Includes 7 basic courses and 7 additional courses (2 of which are conducted by American lawyers):

  • optimization of taxation in IT;
  • e-commerce and FinTech;
  • access to public information;
  • the IT issue in the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU;
  • alternative ways to resolve IT disputes;
  • venture capital and investment in IT (US)
  • contracts in IT (USA);

PRACTICAL BLOCK from in-house lawyers of leading IT companies in case format:

  • Service contracts and agreements on the use of cloud technologies (SaaS);
  • website development agreements;
  • right in Game Dev;
  • electronic money and payment platforms.

Certification partners: Institute of Law, Technologies and Innovations, Kharkiv IT Cluster, Ukrainian Bar Association.

Graduates receive certificates that have successfully passed the on-line exam and attended at least 75% of the lectures. Upon completion of the training, graduates will be given the opportunity to undergo an internship in law firms and IT companies in Kharkiv, and the best of the best will get real employment prospects and participate in our Lawyers Bank project.

Permanent loyalty program
For members of the Association of Ukrainian Lawyers, APA Students' League and representatives of the Kharkiv IT cluster, a 10% discount is granted; For graduates of other certificate programs ILTI school of previous years - 10%; At simultaneous training in the programs "IT law" and "IT-security" - discount for the second program, 20%; For students and graduates of the National Law University named after. Yaroslav the Wise, students of other law schools of Ukraine - 10%.

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