Creative Law and Business

"Creative Law and Business " - is a program for creative people who want to turn their hobby into a profitable business. During the course you will learn about tools to protect your rights, registration, and taxation of the business, details of concluding contracts with customers and contractors as well as the marketing aspect of creative business i.e. how to monetize your business successfully, create a brand and promote it.

For whom:
For whom:
  • For representatives of creative industries: craft, fashion, artists, photographers, designers.
  • For art agents, curators, gallery owners, museum workers, representatives of art institutions.
  • For lawyers who want to get specialization “creative law practice”.
  • For creative personalities interested in promoting their business.
Program formats
  • Organization of creative business activity: creator, curator, art-agent, art-manager, gallery and other institutions.
  • Creativity ownership vs. aproprietary art.
  • Brand, image rights and promotion.
  • Rigged contracts or copyright agreements 
  • Reasonable ways of dispute resolving or mediation of conflicts in the field of art.
  • Particularities of work in the fashion industry, protection of business rights.
  • Marketing in the creative business.
  • Successful cases of turning a hobby into a profitable business.
1500 грн
Description of formats
Базовая программа


Institute of Technology and Innovation Law presents a new educational program Creative Law and Business. The course is first of all designed for representatives of creative professions, makers, craftmakers in different fields, owners of creative start-ups, designers and lawyers working in this field. We will study the issue of monetization of creativity, protection of copyright, discuss the notion of brand, its promotion and other nuances of work in creative industries.

About what:

Creative economy and lawyer’s part in it
You will learn about creative economy industries, development of creative economy in Ukraine, its strengths and weaknesses as well as function of a lawyer in the field of creativity and whether it is possible to do without one.

Examples of business and social component combining in creative projects
At the lecture we will study cases of art projects of transformation of industrial buildings into cultural and social hubs: examples of European projects, recommendations for choosing an object and its purpose as well as examples of similar projects in Ukraine: business plan, budget and financing methods.

Fashion, Law & Business: particularities of work in the fashion industry
We will define particularities of legal protection of a model collection, design, teach you to conclude contracts in the fashion industry, properly organize and legally accompany the relationship with authors of collections, photographers and models. We will discuss terms of exclusivity in sales of fashion collections.

Ownership of creativity VS aproprietary art
We will discuss philosophy of copyright, its economic and cultural value. We will analyze what is to be protected as intellectual property in art and what is not using concrete examples. We will describe social status of an author and his interests. We will define the scope of copyrights, including special ones: right of access, right of succession and right of buy-out. We will talk about the limitation of copyright and freedom of citation.

Reasonable ways of dispute resolving or mediation of conflicts in the field of art
We will talk about resolving disputes avoiding bringing before a court as well as the main approaches to resolution of a conflict in its early stage. We will provide five strategies of behavior in a conflict and teach you skills and techniques of making compromise decisions, competence to find solutions for a peaceful and mutually beneficial conflict resolution.

Organization of activity in creative business
We will talk about strategies of entering the art market and its main actors: agents, managers and art institutions — museums, galleries — and relations between them and the creator. We will discuss conditions of participation in exhibitions and other events in Ukraine and abroad.

Contracts in copyright
We will talk about transfer of rights for a work, creation of a work to order and under an employment contract as well as nuances of concluding contracts in the creative field.

Branding in creativity: how to make a name for you and your product
You will learn how to promote your business in the creative field, what is the concept of branding and its components as well as what is behind the brand and whether the image of a company is limited by the logo. We will consider how much resources should be invested in marketing and what are the rules of self-positioning in the market. 

Brand, image rights and promotion
Through examples we will study what the work of a lawyer when working with a brand is: whether a person's name or appearance can become a TM, what are the nuances of using an image in advertising and media content, appearance imitation in computer games and virtual reality, and how to get rights for an image.

Protection of rights for the image
We will discuss the definition of "image" and "representation" of an individual as an object of reproduction in the work of artists, photographers and cameramen. We will study the legal basis for reproducing the image of an individual in paintings, sculptures, caricatures and other works created without using methods of mechanical image fixing. We will define particularities of photographing individuals under a contract and non-contractual procedure. We will tend an issue of protecting the rights of individuals - characters of films.


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Zoya Zinovieva
Zoya Zinovieva
Master of ToP Facilitation ICA USA. She has more than 15 years of experience in conducting training and consulting projects. She is a certified trainer-practitioner, psychologist-teacher and business consultant.
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